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 Endless night

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Chapter One Demon portal

In the City of Chion, in mid winter in the month of Prosinac. A Priest named Varon is on his way to the city chapel to finish his priest training at the entrance of the chapel is welcomed by his master Gavelic. Hello Father Gavelic I hope I’m not late. Father Gavelic welcome Varon and no your not late. Please come in today you will be initiated as a priest in the Order of the Light! 1 hour after the initiation ceremony in the Father Gavelics quarter, yes Father Gavelic you requested to see me sir? Gavelic, please sit down. I have quest for you to do as your first mission in the order of the light. Varon, Yes what is it Master? Gavelic, the order need you to head to village to the north of Aldan. To a village named Darenier to investigate possible demon portal. Varon, yes master. Master will I be doing this alone? Gavelic, No Varon you will be accompanied by a Dwarf warrior named McCollin he help you deal with any possible demons there. Are there anymore question? Varon, No sir. Ill Head Darenier immediately.

Meanwhile walking up to the entrance of the chapel a dwarf warrior armed With a large axed named Mccollin arrive to to meet Varon. A moment later chapel to door opens and Varon walks out meets Short muscular dwarf with blonde hair. Varon, Ah you must be McCollin please to to meet you! My name is Varon priest of the order of the Light. McCollin, Err please to meet Varon. I hear were out to investigate gate a demon portal? Varon yes we are. Lets be on our way. Its a two day walk to the town and I would to get there as soon as possible. McCollin, Alright let be on our way then.

Four hours later on the to the village Darenier. Varon, McCollin wait lets stop and rest a bit. They been traveling for hours and Varon legs were sore he wasn’t used to traveling long distances. So they sat down and pull a loaf bread and cheese and began to eat. When suddenly the bushes to the beside them started to shakes! Bandits! yelled McCollin. As soon McCollin yelled four bandits jump out from behind there cover. Two of them were armed with swords, one armed dual daggers and the other armed with a bow. The bandit armed with dual daggers slashed at McCollin duck the attack and swinged at the bandit quickly decapitating him. Mean while Varon blasted the bandit with the bow square in the chest with a holy fire spell witch blew hole threw his chest. Then Casted another Holy fire spell witch sent the other bandit flying into a tree killing him instantly at same time McCollin slash the last bandit across the gut killing him. Well we should leave quickly before more them show up said McCollin. Alright let get out of here said Varon.

Endless night Rikila10
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