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 End of Distiny

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End Of Destiny


December 1969, 7 days from Christmas…

“Samantha come back inside its too cold to go outside in shorts you will get sick!” yelled Catherine Samantha mother. “Dear can you please get her back inside before she catches a cold? I need to make some soup for Timothy and Charley because they are already sick!” John looked up from his newspaper “yes honey ill go get her I need to get my coat first though.” Catherine was sitting on the front porch watching the snow fall “Catherine, You need to come inside and put something on that will protect you from the cold! I don’t want to have to pay another hospital bill for you as well as Timothy and Charley I doubt the snow will stop falling that much if it does at all give me peace of mind ok?” Catherine looked at her father clearly cold and beginning to shiver “you’re right it’s a lot colder than I thought it was out here especially the sidewalk I just wanted to watch the snowfall.” Catherine jumped up and hurried back inside with her father close behind “thank you for coming back in before you caught a cold you two it gets so much colder here than Houston don’t you think Honey?” smiled Catherine “you want help taking those to the boy’s mom?” asked Samantha “if you wouldn’t mind I could use a little bit of help.” Samantha took a bowl from her mother and headed up the stairs towards her brothers room “there’s plenty more for you two as well.” That night was quiet everyone but Catherine and Samantha were already asleep “are you still cold Samantha? I’m worried about you more so than your bothers it almost seems like your upset is everything ok dear?” Samantha stared into the fireplace “I was thinking about a story I had been told about a young girl and her mother being kidnapped and taken to an alien spaceship just 7 days before Christmas and was thinking it could happen to us.” Catherine smiled “Dear be realistic do you really think there are aliens out there that would steal children and mothers carrying unborn children of to a space ship?” Samantha’s head snapped to look at her mother “your pregnant!? When were you going to tell dad??” Catherine smiled “Christmas day of coarse now off to bed!” with a smile on her face Samantha stood up and began walking up the stairs “don’t you dare break the surprise by telling anyone or ill be so mad at you and I’ll never forgive you don’t even tell your bothers they will hear on Christmas day!” Samantha nodded “I understand mom it’s a secret for 6 more days.”

But they would never get to tell her husband or the brothers because that night would be their last on earth

A woman’s voice came from nowhere “Good morning ladies welcome to your new home!” Catherine slowly opened her eyes to see she was lying on a cold metallic floor with Samantha not far away still asleep. Catherine began looking around the room they were surrounded by 11 blue skinned women and a single blue skinned man the women quickly walked towards Catherine “this one is actually awake my lord would you like to see her now?” the man could be seen past he women he turned towards her to reveal black eyes with a green slit in the middle of each “yes bring her before me, I want to see if she is worthy of the position that is to be offered!” the women quickly grabbed Catherine by the arms and stood her up “she is limber at the least she would make a good infiltrator if she is unworthy of the position.” one of the women said slowly they walked her over to man “my name is Predoran I am the leader of my species and have been watching you and you daughter for a very long time where did you think your daughter heard that story from exactly?” Predoran gave a wide grin showing off his fanged teeth “and what position would I be taking up exactly? Co leader or something maybe your wife, maybe a slave?” the women around her gasped and some of them toward the ceiling of the room one even said “she is dead now he won’t like those remarks or the glare she is giving him.” Predoran hissed at her “be silent before your future queen!” the woman’s eyes grew large and she went to check on Samantha “and how exactly do you plan to…” Predoran grabbed her mid sentence and kissed her she felt his tongue enter her mouth and then she felt pain in the back of her mouth she flinched and slipped into a state of half awake half asleep “she shall be known from now on as Predori bring the other regardless of whether she is awake or not she is nothing but a meal!” Catherine was barely able to scream no before falling into unconsciousness never to be the same again.

Chapter one

The Return

December 18, 2009

In orbit near Jupiter

“40 years have passed Predori do you have any regrets of the things that have happened while we have been together my love?” asked Predoran. Predori showed no signs of age even though forty years of war had passed war and blood she had killed so many and yet never had she blinked an eye “Predori? I’m waiting on an answer my love I hate waiting.” Predori blinked then looked at her love “no regrets my love none what so ever I have killed alongside you and loved every second of it!” she smiled putting her hand on his “where are we heading now and what is the purpose of this campaign?” Predoran smiled to himself “we are going to an old planetary system, the one you came from. Tell me do you remember or even care of your past life? Have you ever wondered who you were or what you were at all?” Predori looked out the window towards the system of planets “I was human then I take it? I was one of those creatures that have no true ways to colonize other planets? I hope you are merely teasing me and not serious I could care less about my past if you are serious even the thought of being one of those beings with that brittle hair I would never care nor do I now!” this however was untrue the humans wouldn’t be able to defend themselves let alone against an alien armada aggressively colonizing the stars if anything she felt pity for the helpless souls that would be lost in the process not knowing even their lifeless bodies would be used against their own people. “this time I want to give the enemy a larger chance to defend themselves and a few helpful tips on taking down the easily replaceable tools of war we have in our inventory I thought about sending an ambassador but who because this time we aren’t going to cheat to much I want a body behind enemy lines giving us the slight edge instead of just hacking into com lines and winning that way, I want to play chess with these creatures to see who is better at war! But who to send the person must be loyal above all others but whom? Predori is out of the question for she hates humans and…” Predori grasped her loves arm “if it must be one you trust above all others it must be me my love and no one else.” Predoran smiled “I knew you would say that my love it will be most dangerous but fear not for my Matriarch nor my consorts can be fully killed and if you or any of the others is killed your body will return to me and I hall revive you from death to live on by my side.” Predori knew that already but it made her feel better to hear it again but as she thought this her stomach begin to grumble “I do believe that is the queue for dinner isn’t it Predori? Bring in the 13 unlucky creatures to be eaten tonight! Predori picks FIRST!” the guards at the door slowly opened the 30 foot tall heavy metal doors to reveal several barely clothed humanoids two of which were human. “I think you will find that one to your liking my love she is younger and full of life and energy.” Smiled Predoran Predori walked towards the young girl and dragged her away from the other prisoners by the wrist and kissed her slowly sucking the life energies from her as the girl began to die her friend put her hand over her mouth and attempted to flee “oh no you don’t !”Yelled Predoran he stood up and teleported in front of her dragged her to the ground and kissed her ending the young girl’s life instantly.” The other Consorts looked eagerly that the creatures left and dove after their dinner. “I hope she understands her death was not without meaning she has brought me another step closer to reawakening the child within me and our first child Predoran you were right she was very full of life so much more than yours. Now we shall go over what is to happen? Or do u want to on the bridge?” asked Predori

Meanwhile NASA was tracking a massive amount of objects headed towards earth but they realized that the closer the objects got the harder it was to tell how many there were or what they were because the picture got fuzzier with every passing half hour “yes sir it’s a lot of objects no not a few at least 250 or 300 objects it’s hard to tell how many there are or even how big they are for that matter our picture fades a little more every half hour sir!” the head of night time hours watch said to a man over the phone “sis it could be anything from meteorites to space battles how can we tell its already so fuzzy as is and the mass isn’t even at Jupiter yet I think you might want to talk to someone up there in Washington about it sir perhaps something larger is going on out there maybe an interstellar war between to alien species and our planet is in the middle we are tracking another group on the other side of our planetary system which is about the same number hard to tell at this point though sir it’s like we are in a blizzard with almost no visibility sir its near I impossible to know at this point we will continue to monitor and will let u know if there is any…” at that exact moment all monitors in the room died someone yelled “WHAT THE Balls JUST HAPPENED” the head watchman continued “correction sir our entire network just died no picture or working monitors for that matter it has to be jamming sir might want to wake the pres and his cabinet if you can.” (In orbit on the dark side on the moon the carrier Nokeldran began jamming all earths’ eyes in space and launched fighters to knock out the orbital space station) “Flag ship Phase 1 is in progress I repeat phase 1 has begun awaiting your return signal this is carrier Nokeldran over and out.” Back at NASA they were receiving the final words from the space station “oh my god there fighters coming to destroy the station oh my god nooooooooooooooo…..” (Explosion) “we are so fucked it isn’t even funny these guys aren’t at war it has be an invasion we need to contact Washington and let them know…” the head supervisor continued to get the head supervisor back on the line “damn this phone isn’t working neither is my cell phone any ones phone work what so ever?” asked the inhabitants of the watch room “mine does!!!” exclaimed it woman “give it here I’m going to contact the supervisor I lost when the jamming began.”

Chapter 2

The announcement

Two hours after jamming began the president had been woken by a group of secret service agents his presence requests at an emergency meeting “what’s the situation exactly supervisor? Are we already under attack?” asked the president “I don’t have any idea all cell phones seems to be dead someone turn on that TV we should be able to get the late show right about now.” someone turned on the TV near the wall to see a blank screen “is there something wrong with the TV?” asked someone “no sir its brand new it should be on!” the supervisor frowned “this means all lines of communication are being jammed.” The president rubbed his eyes “if we wait long enough these aliens will probably make a mission statement I bet Mr. President explaining what they r planning to do and then saying none of you are safe.” The president looked at the man who said that “how would you know that exactly?” the man looked back at him “well it’s what I would do Sir sending a message that will cause mass panic is a great way to start a war if you’re the bad guy and control on of your enemies lines of communication…” someone else began staring at him “did you go to WestPoint captain?” the man nodded “I looked a lot of history up this never actually happened BUT there were a few dictators that attempted it in the past to scare the enemies civilians, mass panic makes people and governments more prone to make mistakes if you know what I mean.” The general nodded “I get your point. So now what do we do exactly?” right as he said that Predori appeared in the room in a black robe standing behind the president “you prepare General for my peoples leader wants a good chess game and just for coming here with these documents I am committing treason so please treat me nicely I’m on your side.” Predori took off her hood revealing a mass of long spike like hair and blue skin two men’s jaws dropped and another asked “exactly why would you help us then if it will cause your leader to be a little angry with you?” Predori affixed her gaze on the man “because forty years ago I was taken away from my family and made to serve him but I was never truly content with this and always had fears that he would turn his eyes towards my former people and wipe them out I have spilled much blood and caused much death in the forty years I have been away from earth and hated every minute of it I longed and feared returning to earth for the reason that humanity simply doesn’t have the military strength to withstand an invasion though I commanded the carrier orbiting your moon to allow your people to have commutations back so you could announce and reassure humanity that a peaceful solution may be found I am here technically as an ambassador of good faith for my lord demands it of me but I hope u will fight hard knowing these weaknesses to the major enemy troops deployed in cities and the things that can’t be done to them.” the president slowly accepted the papers from the clawed hands of this alien willing to aid his people and opened the folder and gave it to a general “and what do we call you exactly?” Predori frowned “I can’t remember my human name or I would have you use that name so you must use my new name, Predori.” She yawned walked over to a wall and turn around “I need some sleep feel free to look through that folder and study its contents but I would copy it and send it to your military commanders at every base near your major cities my leader intends to invade two days from now I’ll talk to you more when he has made his mission statement tomorrow.

Chapter 3

The Statement

The next morning Predori awoke to shouting between president and the captain “she stays captain I don’t care if she’s the enemy she STAYS regardless of your ideas that she could possibly be a spy she has higher rank than you in her leaders army to get so much information about this Juggernauts that we can write them off as end of the world machines of death…” Predori cut in “with a lot of firepower in them and almost unstoppable except for one weakness at least the initial attack models the protectorate are unstoppable war bringers of death and by death I mean infantry burning and city burning monsters who care nothing for your people and think of them only as fuel for the regular models who use dead bodies instead of live ones as pilots.” A woman gasped “yes thank you for saying that we really wanted to know that Predori though we can’t exactly do much about that can we?” asked the captain “not unless you want to mutilate your own dead bodies beheading them and the like.” The woman gasped again “do my words bother you I’m sorry that I’m so blunt with you but that’s the only way to stop the harvesting of your dead alongside cutting the arms off also but I will now speak more of the only actual tactical plan that works against them you are going to have to get volunteers that can run fast and have the brains to use cover to get close enough to them and plant an explosive charge on the very back of these monstrosities underbelly to blow them up.” The general said “suicide runners are what you are talking about right? That’s insane no one would be dumb enough to volunteer for that type of mission.” Predori shook her head “it’s a simple tactic are you people seriously the leaders of your military? You have a two or 5 man squad engage the juggernaut while the bomb runner gets around behind it my god ITS CALLED AGRO!” the captain frowned “the simple fact engaging these things gets the twin mini guns after you is the insane part the bomb runner has the easy work and the fact no actually suppose works like air or tanks because of the anti air and anti armor rockets it has makes that job the least favorite in the world and it has an extremely low survival rate too.” Predori sighed “I suppose this was bound to happen you aren’t even going to attempt to defend yourselves and cause my leader enough anger to wipe your civilization out of the galaxy the information is wasted then I take it?” the room grew silent before the general replied “it’s a lot harder than you think to get infantry to face twin mini guns that cut through concrete barriers like paper cars wouldn’t last and neither would anything else it’s impossible to fight that kind of shit without something to hide behind “so you say that’s why these will be placed along the highways filled with people fleeing the cities to begin the slaughter.” The presidents stood up “are you serious?????? He’s going to slaughter thousands of civilians, no not thousands hundreds of thousands of them!” Predori nodded “that’s the idea he wants death and corpses for mindless juggernauts assault models.”

“I think the statement from your leader is coming soon the TV is working.” Predori grabbed a man’s wrist but he didn’t have a watch “you don’t have a watch? What time is it someone?” a woman replied “it is almost noon, why?” Predori nodded “noon is the time of the statement. You should also send a major recall order to your soldiers overseas you will need the troops I think.” The general nodded “she has a point we should pull our troops back and prepare to defend ourselves what do you say Mr. president?” the president said “I hate to pull them back just to put them into more danger than they have ever been in but you are right we will probably need the aid recall them!”

Meanwhile onboard the flag ship Predoran sat in his war room awaiting the hour of noon when he would make his statement hopefully with Predori alongside him he hoped but wasn’t going to hold his breath after all she did sleep there the night before but he was happy they accepted her instead of attacked and killed her. “How long Kevira, until noon? I’m anxious to announce our presence to the humans.” Kevira looked at a wall terminal “10 minutes my lord but if you decide to begin early I would understand after all what does 10 minutes matter?” Predoran stood up “I’ll give Predori the 10 minutes to return though I won’t hold my breath she never did like being on television and I love it!” Predoran laughed “9 minutes now my lord.” Predoran sat down “very well inform me 1 minute before it is time so we can head to the bridge.” Kevira nodded “my lord it is time!” Predoran smiled “very well let us go to the bridge the secondary though I wish them to believe us not as advanced as we actually are.” Kevira smiled “I understand let us teleport there and prepare.” A few minutes later they began the broadcast “hello humanity my name is Predoran I am the leader of a vast armada sitting in your orbit we have plans to invade but have first sent an ambassador to the united states of America in hopes you can be reasonable with simple demands rather than invading your world all at once we will do it one country at a time surprised? I wouldn’t be personally I want this war to be a chess game to see who is better at war since the Americans are more able to defend themselves we gave them the chance first we will begin our invasion just about any time I think will best suit the ambassadors needs she has all the time she needs but only until tomorrow at noon will I wait, if that. Have a nice day!” back at the white house people were staring at Predori “what do you want I told you he wouldn’t truly let you go without a fight here are his demands I was commanded to give them now.” the president took them from her and began reading. “these are out of the question we can’t do that none of It.” the men around him just stared at the piece of paper till one said what are his demands Sir?” the president sat down in his chair and began to read aloud “the armada is to be given 50% of your countries women and 50% of your armed forces and the room to set up 13 Major cities in safe places in your country as well as 5 ship making yards for the creation of space warships to be used for war in other parts of the galaxy as well as 40% of your countries work force and 35% of your countries men so we may breed the human females and males to create more food for our people which if you don’t already know we feed upon the life force of living humanoids we demand all of these things in exchange for peace.” Predori grasped her stomach as it growled loudly “I take it you missed feeding time right?” said a woman with disgust “yes be smart mouth ill drain you instead of a captive aboard our flag ship…” the woman looked at the wall “I’ll be back in an hour to get your reply please do think it through thoroughly if you decline Predoran will take everything by force and he will take it all by force there probably won’t be 60% of your work force left and he will dismantle what remains of your cities and replace them with Cites of my peoples own creation so please think it through I would hate to see America lose everything simply because the countries leadership refused these demands.” Predori grasped her stomach again as it growled even louder than before almost sounding like a hungry animal. “One last thing if I were you I would prepare a statement to the press reassuring your people that you are carefully considering the demands and would request that people not panic. That might slow the war down a bit he wants the highways leaving your major cities to be clogged with civilians jut a tip for you to think about.” Her stomach growled again this time it was like a roar of hunger grasped her stomach in pain she said “that’s my queue!” and teleported back to the flag ship. She met the other consorts three of which had to carry her to her nest and lay her down “BRING FOOD QUICKLY! She has missed two feedings and is in a lot of pain QUICKLY!” her nest felt very comfortable considering she slept standing up the night before she began to shiver it hurt so much she wasn’t sure if she could take much more. A captain dragged two human females in by their ankles and presented them to Predori who instantly grabbed one by the hair and dragged her to her lips killed her near instantly the girl’s body fell to the floor and the other screamed “no I don’t want to die like this! I would prefer to be thrown out an airlock!” but it was too late Predori sat up and kissed her draining her to the point of near death and spitting into her mouth and laid back “I’ll turn you rather than kill you but you will more than likely serve as food for later if anything!” The girl wheezed as she began to turn “will you be alright milady that must have been very painful we don’t wish to see you like that again you scared all of us and Sekirra fainted.” Predori curled up in her nest and said “wake me in one hour I told them I would return at that time to hear their answer.” (5 hours later) Predori slowly opened her eyes to see Predoran laying next to her smiling “I told them to wait until you awoke to send you back you needed your rest and to give your body a chance to heal itself you scared everyone including me I was worried about you so I came to lay next to you how are you feeling?” Predori slowly sat up “how long have I been asleep my love?” Predoran shook his head “you answer my question first before I answer yours!” Predori laid back down “I feel sleepy but otherwise fine a little bit hungry though, how long?” Predoran smiled “you have slept for five hours and you will feed before returning to the humans!” Predori frowned “I told them I would be back for their answer in…” Predoran laughed “you really think they will want to accept those demands? If you do then you are crazy.” He smiled and kissed Predori with his forked tongue to match hers Predori began To relax Predoran sat back “I have a real treat for you and by the way never turn a person at near death it turns them into a mindless living with only the thoughts of hunger and feeding I had that creature destroyed earlier but now a treat for you my matriarch and queen. Bring them forth to be judged by the queen!” slowly two guards carrying chains walked forward towards Predori both of which were human but not American “what country are they from?” Predori asked and the female humans replied “Russia! You creatures will never defeat our nation you may defeat America but not us!” as they got closer Predori smiled “And they are identical twins you were truthful about it being a treat!” both the girls were forced to kneel before her “it is up to you to decide their fate turn or feed I leave it up to you but if you decide to turn them don’t drain just sting them or would you prefer to turn only one of them and feed on the other?” Predori thought for a moment then touched one of them on the cheek she made no movements so she stroked her cheek and still the girl did nothing so she touched the other who felt a lot softer “turn this one I will feed on the other first though.”

Chapter 4

The Decision

The next morning Predori returned to the White Houseto find that the president had been moved to a secure location along with most of his staff a few secret service remained to protect people gathering document’s “you shouldn’t have come back Predori the president refused your masters demands on the fact he simply can’t promise these things to you or him and that people would not cooperate.” Predori sighed “so war it is then? I suppose it was inevitable that this would happen and I suppose you don’t trust me either since I delivered these documents?” the secret service agent shrugged “the president decided to leave in the night to a much more secure location I have no idea whether the cabinet trusts you or not and I was instructed not to contact them unless it was a dire emergency though I need to ask, how long until the attack begins?” Predori looked towards the sky “at noon it shall begin, and your world will never be the same again.”

PVT. Nathan “Boom” Dare

108th infantry division

December 21, 2009

“Settle down people! Now I have a tough assignment for your squads and even tougher than this is asking you to do these assignment. These have a very low survival rate and need a bomb runner per squad to step forward each squad will be reinforced with 10 or so people and…….” Boom stood up “I’ll be a bomber runner Sir!” Booms squad mate grabbed his jacket “sit down you idiot! He wasn’t finished!” Nathan looked at the base commander who was just staring at him blankly “um, sorry sir!” Boom sat back down “it’s hard sending my people out there to fight a hopeless cause in our nation but someone has to do it and you’re the best!” everyone in the room yelled Hooah and he smiled “bring it up corporal they aren’t going to like what they will be fighting but we better show them and get them deployed by noon.” The corporal nodded and brought up a screen showing the juggernaut “these monstrosities I’m sure you saw the news broadcast with that alien leader that wasn’t a joke it was real we have an alien armada sitting in orbit preparing to invade these are going to be deploying on every major highway leaving cities for one purpose to kill anything that moves!” Everyone began to whisper amongst themselves “Sir they are going to be killing Civilians!?” The base commander nodded “they want our armed forces demoralized and figured they’d start here, are we going to let them kill thousands of Civilians? Or are we going to stopped!?” everyone yelled Hooah “good now there is one slight problem these guys have a serious weapon arsenal including anti armor and anti air as well as being too heavily armored for javelins so we designed bomb packs to be placed on their only weak point the underbelly on their backside which is why we need a bomb runner and a bunch of soldier to keep the bomber from being noticed these things however travel in groups of two and their anti infantry is a pair of mini guns, but more importantly these things are automated killing drones and will slaughter every one and anyone on the highway so you need to keep them off the bomber as well as the civilians!” the entire room yelled “Hooah!” without hesitation “boom made a decision to be our squads bomb runner he is fast on his feet and knows explosives better than any of my people he can do this Commander!” the commander smiled “I know just remind him the less time it takes the better, he will save a lot more lives if it takes less time but remind him to be careful and don’t expose himself and get shredded by mini gun fire.” Boom who was sitting in the next room was thinking of foot ball rather than strategy and discussing it with another teams bomber “dude think of those two things as the final blockers before you get to the end zone you have to get past them to score and think of it being the last points you need to win the game and score with you girlfriend dude its great motivation.” A woman overheard the conversation “typical boom thinking about getting the girl at the end of a football game I think you should think of it as a girl is being held hostage by terrorists and she has a bomb pack on her than you need to disarm that’s how you really win a girls heart saving her life, not scoring the winning touchdown in a game!” boom looked at her “that’s funny when I was in college that’s how I got the girl o well I guess your sort of right o well I think football you think Terrorists ok Jack?” his friend nodded and went to his squad but he said under his breath “I’m so dead…..” Boom went off looking for his squad who were apparently looking at the bomb packs that were being giving to everyone so the closest person could give the bomb runner another pack or if he got killed another person could take his place “boom isn’t going to die man he’s a football fanatic and knows what he is doing!” the man handing out the packs shrugged “orders were every man or woman in each squad gets one pack those were my orders ok give me a break now where is boom?” boom slowly walked towards them “there you are ok here is your bomb pack now each pack has a very long ripcord for the bang part and the explosion is instant so don’t blow yourselves up please and one last thing your squad will be covering the northern bridge in New York city. Yall better get you the helipad if you guys want to be out there in time.” Said the Private “and good luck yall will have two bomb runners and three or four squads with your squad so watch your fire and be careful no carelessness.” As they made it out to the helipad they were stopped by the base commander who asked Boom to wait while the others walked out there and that he would watch up. “Kid don’t take anything other than three items your knife your sidearm and your dog tags, oh and the bomb pack you need to be as light as possible so you can run as fast as possible so drop all that extra gear here ill have someone take it to your barracks and one last thing before you go. Good luck and be careful no mistake there is too much at stake.” Boom nodded “I won’t let you down sir or the people on that highway!” the commander smiled “good to know I’ll see you when u get back though chances are you will have to walk back the aliens may set off an EMP inside the city to avoid vehicles and there will be no flight services in or out of the city to risky so once your there your just about on your own.” Boom smiled “I like walking better than riding anyways though I can’t say the LT. or anyone else will be very happy to hear this.” The commander laughed “o well good luck kid!”

Chapter 5

Fear and Blood

“We are nearing the LZ! NOT GOOD they are already down there incoming anti air!” the sound of screeching missiles tore through the air “get us as close to the ground as possible pilot! So we can jump! Be ready everyone! One three! ONE! TWO!”The missiles impacted on the nose of the black hawk sending the chopper crashed to the ground everyone thrown around and tossed out as if they were rag dolls.” It isn’t noon yet they should be here! They must have sent to here early!” the helicopter had crashed below the bridge with no actual way to get up there quickly everyone could only listen to the screams of civilians and the roar of mini guns above them. “WE HAVE TO GET UP THERE NOW BEFORE EVERY IS DEAD MOVE!” everyone got to their feet but half of their squad was dead or badly injured “boom tore off towards the other end of the bridge that would put him behind the juggernauts two people ran after him one was the sergeant Boom made it to the top extremely fast while the other loaded down with gear had a tougher time boom got behind the first juggernaut and set his charge and ran backwards pulled the ripcord but the charge didn’t go off so he ran farther back and the cord tore out of the pack and it exploded sending chunks of metal everywhere the juggernaut then collapsed while the other one continued walking and firing boom looked around to see that most of what he was standing on was shredded bodies metal and blood the corporal made it to the top before the sergeant and looked around “holy shit!!! Dude here is my pack HURRY DUDE GO!” Boom took the bomb pack and started running towards the juggernaut which was moving very fast boom slid up to it and placed the charge he saw a little girl cowering behind a truck “run to my friend at the other end of the bridge!” she slowly crawled away from the truck once she was past the truck she ran towards the corporal. Boom got up and ran backwards the ripcord exited the pack and bang the explosion was like a chain every vehicle near the juggernaut exploded with it sending metal flying in every direction the little girl sat with the corporal at the end of the bridge crying on his shoulder. Boom sat down next to him the sergeant was sitting on a concrete barrier looking at all the blood and metal “I wonder what would have happened had we not gotten here when we did would everyone on the bridge already be dead?” asked the sergeant “it was a massacre so many dead in such a short amount of time it’s a nightmare and we weren’t quick enough to stop it!” the corporal was massaging a ring that Boom hadn’t noticed till that exact moment “I hope my wife is ok I hope she wasn’t on this bridge.” Boom placed his hand on the corporal’s shoulder “I hope so too dude though I never knew you were married, when did that happen?” the little girl had stopped crying and sat up “it was a recent thing not three months ago I was afraid to tell the guys cause the LT. likes her a lot more than he likes me you know?” the LT. slowly walked towards them from the other side of the bridge making sure he didn’t look down, when he got there he said “we have a problem the western and southern highway squads was completely wiped out except for one person who is hiding with a bunch of people under the southern bridge their helicopter got shot down too! The kid I talked to said that most everyone died in the crash except him and the bomb runner who died attempting to destroy the first juggernaut which those are both moving into the city.”

Meanwhile on the outskirts of New York City Predori and Sevala, another consort to Predoran inspected a group of soldier and civilians that had been captured

Sevala smiled “so this is the face of the enemy they seem very willing to fight back but I wonder if they could win against the best our army has to offer, I doubt it. What do you think Predori?” Predori was watching one of the women talk to a little girl she had been found with attempting to calm the child down “bring that woman to me and the child as well!” a Predoneye soldier grabbed the woman by the arm and dragged her to Predori “I suppose you are fearful for the child’s well being are you Predori?” asked Sevala who was smirking “or maybe you’re hungry and want a snack?” Predori snapped her eyes to stare Sevala down “wipe that smirk off your face!” Sevala slowly looked away “we weren’t supposed to feed on any of the females I thought……” Predori turned her eyes back to the child. “It’s not the human I was talking about killing Sevala, be quiet or I’ll have your service to our lord ended, permanently!” Sevala walked away towards a human and kissed him draining him of his life force then walked out of sight. “I’m sorry about the fear you feel child I am not truly as evil as she I have a heart and would never truly want to harm children.” The little girl pushed her face into the woman’s hip and shivered “is she yours? Or just a little girl you had found and wanted to protect?” the woman looked away “what do you care I thought we were just being harvested for food or for other evil things.” Predori frowned “some for food some for building some for warring most for living we don’t truly wish to wipe any species out but just to increase our numbers some die along the way yes but not all the fact remains that we don’t destroy the ground the cites are built on but rebuild newer and better cities in their places removing the destructive forces of nature such as hurricanes and earthquake’s so that the populace can stay where they are longer rather than having to go back and rebuild a city after a destructive force hits it and healing a planet’s atmosphere or making a sun young again so that the populace of the planets in a star system can live there even longer after we colonize a planet we do many of these things but we always turn at least 50% of a planets populace into Predoneye so our numbers continue to grow as well as keeping the original populace of a planet growing for food among other things.” The woman looked at Predori with disgust “so how many years have you done this? How many have died how many have been slaughtered in the name of you people how many innocent!?!?” Predori sighed “too many because most planet never agree to the terms of my lord wars always begin and countless souls are lost the terms are a little unreasonable but then again we would destroy your cities and capture your planet entire populace and we would live in peace on YOUR world they choose war because they believe they can drive the invaders back by sheer unwilling billions of people die needlessly because of their leaders who are unwilling to make peace simply because they don’t want to give up land and a good percentage of their people.” The woman slowly stepped backward “the government refused all of these things did you even tell them about the benefits to the agreement or just the demands?” asked the woman “I began have pains in my stomach from missing two feedings and returned to the flag ship when I returned this morning to explain the benefits your leader had fled to a safe place in the night.” The woman sighed “if our president had heard the benefits to peace he probably would have agreed why did you miss two feeding?” Predori frowned “I had been trying to help the humans prepare in case of war and forgot to return.”

Meanwhile on the northern highway Boom and his squad were making their way towards the city

“LT. you see that at the end of the road? It’s a blockade hundreds of people have been taken prisoner due to the fact they were fleeing most of them are being watched by armed guards.” Said Corporal Jacobs. The Lieutenant looked down towards the end of the highway to see forty alien troops and two juggernauts on sentry duty at least he thought they were juggernauts they were a lot bigger than the ones he and his squad had fought on the bridge “don’t engage them it would only lead to disaster we do however need to get around them into the city lets repel down to the area below the highway it is longer but it’s a lot safer.” Boom looked at the lieutenant “you joking right sir how am I supposed to get down there exactly?” the lieutenant shrugged back track to the other end of the bridge and walk down perhaps you will have to take the little girl with you too.” The little girl walked over to him and took his hand “it will be ok we will just walk down carefully and be sure we don’t fall down they turned to walk back towards the other end of the bridge and the little girl stepped on a piece of glass “ouch! That hurt a lot!” the little girl stood on one foot dripping blue blood on the ground when she realized she was bleeding her eyes became the size of grape fruits and she began cowering on the ground “please I was to afraid to say I was one of the Predoneye don’t hurt me!” boom kneeled next to her “why were you down here if you are a Predoneye?” the little girl looked at him blue tears rushing down her cheeks like her eyes were a pair of waterfalls “my mother was sent to Earth to watch, record and gather information but she was killed in the attack on the bridge, it’s not my fault!”Boom nodded “your right it’s not your fault that your leader is a murderer I don’t hold it against you, besides your only a child right?” the girl stood up but instead of remaining three foot tall she grew to 6 foot tall her skin turned blue and she said “not exactly I’m a teenager but I’m kind of tall for a 15 year old I just thought it would be safer as a little girl rather than a full grown one.” She smiled “that was a good idea but you should probably go to your people down there shouldn’t you?” the girl shook her head “I would rather be with a person that saved my life rather than with creatures that wouldn’t care about it!” Boom heard talk in his ear “you coming boom or are you dead up there?” boom replied back “I’m here I am bringing a surprise to yall don’t shoot her though she is a civilian.” He heard a reply “roger that Boom but hurry up the LT. is ready to move.” Boom gave his hand to the girl who accepted it and they ran to the other end of the bridge and slid down to the rest of his squad. “so you were bringing an alien civilian then Boom where’s that little girl?” she smiled “I am her.” And she shape shifted back into her child form “see, though I would rather stay with the people that saved my life rather than ones who would care about what happens to me.” The LT. nodded “I see your point best stay as a human though alright? Though that doesn’t mean you can’t grow up a bit if you want to.” Corporal Jacobs smiled at her she slowly grew taller to 6 feet tall and smiled “ok let’s go before we get found out by those guys up there!”

They slowly moved through the trench watching out because there were several destroyed juggernauts in the trench “let’s take this turn off these guys are giving me the creeps they may look dead but I don’t like the way they are sitting.” As he said that a helicopter was heard overhead and one of the juggernauts launched an anti air missile which destroyed the helicopter though it didn’t move it scared a bunch of them “they don’t use the mindless ones after the initial attack for much more than putting up a no fly zone in that area.” Everyone looked at the girl they found to be named Kedah “but you are right we shouldn’t stay down here for much longer we are going to need something over our heads during the night because they send flyers out to find people at night.”

Chapter 6

The Day After

December 22, 2009

PVT. Nathan “Boom” Dare

3 hours from dawn

New York City ruins

End of Distiny Rikila10
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