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 (classic) Elemental fury shaman deck

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(classic) Elemental fury shaman deck Empty
PostSubject: (classic) Elemental fury shaman deck   (classic) Elemental fury shaman deck Icon_minitimeFri Oct 21, 2011 2:22 pm

My Elemental fury shaman deck
Hello im very new to WoW Tcg. And want some input on my deck build/ help me edit and make it better.Side note my deck has a lot of healing abilities. So tell me what of guys think of my deck.

Bragvi Stormstein 1x

Allies 29
Veperia silversong 1x
Rayne Savageboon 1x
Varandas Silverleaf 1x
Latro Abiectus 3x
Milo the unmerciful 1x
Vanora Moonshot 1x
Braxis the Sleeper 1x
Alador Stonebrew 1x
Petreus Roffe 1x
Andrew Ulric 1x
Trixie Boltclunker 2x
Gerwyn 4x
Ruby enforcer 2x
Ruby Stalker 1x
Emerald Acidspewer 1x
Emerald Emissary 1x
Marcus Dominar 2x
Adriene Inspiring 1x

Totems 5
Totems of Wrath 1x
Stone Claw Totem 2x
Clossal Totem 1x
Totem of Splintering 1x

Spells 8
Ancestral Purge 1x
Spirtual Reurn 2x
Lava Burst 1x
Earths bounty 1x
Shock and soothe 1x
Flametongue Weapon 1x
Visciousness 1x

Equipmet 7
Demonbloof Eviscerator 1x
SkullFlame Shield 1x
Ring of Flowing Light 1x
Hammer of Grace 1x
Essence Focuser 1x
Argent Defender 1x
LockJaw 1x
Gutbuster 1x
Obomination Knuckles 1x

Quests 12x

(classic) Elemental fury shaman deck Rikila10
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(classic) Elemental fury shaman deck
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