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 Scarlet Monastery Review

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Scarlet Monastery Review Empty
PostScarlet Monastery Review

Scarlet Monastery Review

Scarlet Monastery Review Highin10

Hello everyone this is my second review of WoW Tcg, Today I will be reviewing the Dungeon deck Scarlet Monastery (that I just got).

First I would start off with some info on the dungeon deck,
-Scarlet Commander Mograine is the dungeon boss and he has 4 levels of difficulties
- All of the bosses from the WoW are in the deck, including for all you fan out there (like me) High Inquisitor Whitemane.
-Has an Xp system.
-Comes with a treasure pack
- Comes with rule books and character sheets.

Now with that out of the way onto some game play! The dungeon deck is meant for 3 + people, but when I played with just one other person. My friend Jo and I played two games. First game on level 1 and the second game on level 2. The decks we used were my Death knight deck (classic semi starter) and my friend used his classic holy priest deck.

Game 1 was a pretty easy game. For most of this round I was almost always targeted, I kept losing the dice roll for who boss attacks. I was able to absorb most of the attack from the allies and the boss using my ghoul (witch with a lucky first draw, I was able to continues summon ghoul tokens). Our over all strategy for this round was simple, I would tank the dungeon allies with my ghoul tokens, abilities, and allies. While I do that he would focus on Dungeon Hero with his allies and spells. With that tactic we able beat level 1 very quickly without any boss allies coming into play.

Game 2, on there other went to hell in a hand basket (we used the same tactic). Both our first draw sucked, we weren’t able put any thing on the field immediately. The dungeon first card I play was ally boss Whitemane and a spell card that put ten allied tokens down on the field. On our 2nd turn weren’t able to play any allied card down and my friend was health was drop to below half and by turn 3 he had 7hp left. Same thing happen to me 3 turns I was left with 2hp. Needless to say we lost that round, we notice the difficulty difference between lvl1 and lvl2.

Over all I thought the dungeon deck is a lot fun and can be challenging. Though my only complaints are the difficulty learning the xp system and (wishing) that Whitemane was the Hero boss. I look forward to playing with the other dungeons decks.

Scarlet Monastery Review Rikila10
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Scarlet Monastery Review

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